W1382 Maple Road
Saint Cloud, WI

HOURS — 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month — 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
The Town of Marshfield is now a registered e-cycle collector.

Our custodians are:  Mike Schmitz, Kurt Pegel and Jared Schmitz.  If you have any question where an item should be put, please ask them.

We will collect –

  • » Consumer Computers (desktops, laptops, netbooks, e-readers and tablets)
  • » Consumer Printers (desktop-style printers, printer-fax-copier-scanner combinations, Fax Machines and 3-D printers)
  • » Consumer video display devices (TVs and computer monitors)
  • » Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, scanners, etc.)
  • » Fax machines
  • » DVD players, VCR's, DVR's and other video players
  • » Cell Phones
  • » Video Game consoles, hand-held video games and battery-powered accessories
  • We are not responsible for data containing devices.


    Please separate clean brush (tree branches, shrubbery, etc.) from other yard waste (lawn clippings, leaves, etc.). Follow the signs that are posted to deposit the materials at the proper site.

    Tires and waste oil are not accepted at the center. Schrage Bros, Mt. Calvary will accept tires. A fee is required. Waste oil is accepted at Stenz Auto Body or Meinert Tractor Repair.

    Continue to separate aluminum cans from the rest of the trash.

    Keep batteries - auto, tractor, lawn mower, cell phone batteries, AA, AAA, C, D, etc. separated from the rest of the trash. Containers will be available.

    There is a large dumpster for steel items. Refrigerators/air conditioners/freezers with freon line intact should be put into the large dumpster for steel/iron items. Please remove as much plastic and cloth from items as possible. Oil filters and aerosol cans can also be placed in the large dumpster. Do not put concrete or other materials in there. If in doubt, please ask the custodian.

    Property owners are required to provide their own dumpster for construction debris. Businesses are required to provide their own business disposals.

    See more information on recycling right.

    The Town of Marshfield is now a registered e-cycle collector.

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