Town of Marshfield belonged to more towns than any other town in the county, before being separated into its present shape. On April 17, 1852, it was detached from Calumet and Forest and named Kossuth. This name was changed to Marshfield 3 years later, which was suggested on account of the unusually large marsh tracts covering the town. May 10, 1835, Deputy United States Surveyor C. T. V. King gave the town a name in his report to the Government, saying: “This is a poor township, and needs no general remarks; too great a portion of it is marsh and swamp.”

Source: History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
Western Historical Company, Chicago: 1880

Marshfield is a town in northeast Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. It was first settled in 1841. By 1900, the town reached a population of 1,992. That included the Villages of St. Cloud and Mt. Calvary. In 1909, the Village of St. Cloud was incorporated. In 1962, the Village of Mt. Calvary incorporated, taking 942 persons off the population count. At the 2000 census, the population was 1,118. By 2009, it is estimated that the population has risen to 1,153. See census figures. The Villages of Mt. Calvary and St. Cloud lie within the Town borders.

Bordering on the West is the Town of Taycheedah, with the Sheboygan County Towns of Russell and Greenbush to the east. The Town of Forest forms the southern boundary and the Town of Calumet borders to the north. The unincorporated communities of St. Joe and Calvary Station (aka Puddlefort) are part of the town. The community of Malone is located partially within the town. The Town has a total area of 34.3 sq. miles.

The area, known as “The Holy Land”, boasts of scenic areas, open spaces, and an abundance of natural resources. In the midst of the town is Wolf Lake with an adjoining park and boat landing that is maintained by Fond du Lac County. With the wind being a great natural resource, the Green Field Wind Farm, with 44 wind turbines was constructed in 2007 and became operational by May 2008.

Just north of the Village of Mt. Calvary are the Villas of the Holy Land, Villa Loretto, a nursing home, and the Villa Rosa, independent living apartments.

The entire town is serviced by the Mt. Calvary Volunteer Fire Department and the Mt. Calvary Ambulance Commission. The department and the commission are said to be “second to none”.

From a “poor township…with too great a portion of it being marsh and swamp”, the Town of Marshfield today thrives as a productive agriculture community that is interspersed with residential and commercial, and industrial development, including mining.

Map of Fond du Lac County